Appropriate Body Service

 Octavo Partnership provides a comprehensive NQT service that ensures your teachers are supported from the very beginning of their induction year, through to final assessment and certification from the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA).

Unique to the service is the support available when NQTs experience difficulties.  Octavo’s NQT team has extensive experience meaning that, whatever situation arises, they can confidently support you from start to finish to ensure the best outcome.

Schools and academies registering their NQTs with Octavo will receive:


  • A half day NQT conference
  • Administrative service for registration, monitoring and assessments including returns to the TRA
  • An online system for headteachers, induction co-ordinators, tutors and NQTs
  • An NQT induction handbook for all NQTs and tutors, detailing the most up to date guidance on the induction process
  • Telephone, email and face to face advice, support and guidance for headteachers, induction co-ordinators, tutors and NQTs
  • Advice, support and guidance where NQTs experience difficulties and are assessed at C/D grade (this includes any necessary monitoring, additional intervention and meetings with unions)
  • Benchmarking to ensure consistency across schools


“The NQT service supports us so thoroughly that nothing is missed and help and advice is readily available – like a security blanket!”


“I have had to contact Octavo’s NQT co-ordinator about several unusual queries.  Her support and service was excellent”.


£175 per NQT per induction

(there will be a discount for those who undertake the NQT programme)


To register with Octavo as the appropriate body, please click on the following link:

or contact